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Each project realized in collaboration with the studio is unique and corresponds particularly to the demands of our clients. It is important for us to know your expectations and desires in order to carry out a unique project together.

The studio and its creator, France Desbouis, are experts in prototyping, conception, modelling and production, and will accompany you throughout your project. 

Eco-responsible, each creation is made from overcycled and/or recycled materials and fabrics.


All creations Up Up Up Studio are made in the workshop located in Malakoff, Ile-de-France.


Up Up Up Studio’s realizations are a real mix between your desires, inspirations and our expertise. Our worlds merge to become one. You can take inspiration from photographs, paintings or personal objects as well as textiles and fabrics that are particularly meaningful and that wish to integrate into the realization. This custom-made service is an original alternative, which is both aesthetic and environmentally friendly.

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For the conception of a custom-made patchwork, the creator France Desbouis proceeds as followed :

A first meeting at the workshop to get to know each other, to choose together the colours you like among the upholstery fabrics of the textile collection. 

Then, three hand-drawn patterns are proposed, allowing you to choose the patchwork that best corresponds to you.

Finally, once the colours and pattern have been validated, you will receive the final quote and the date for the collection of your seats or other decorative elements.


How are the prices calculated at Up Up Up Studio ?

First of all, it all depends on our client's project. Everything is completely customised and custom-made, the price can therefore change from one project to another. Secondly, the amount of time that France spends in the conception of a project varies. It depends on the demand, the size of the realization and its complexity, which therefore makes the price vary.


Regarding our realizations:

  • Cushions are available from 80€ (40x40 cm)

  • Wall hangings from 130€ (50x35 cm)

  • Chairs from 200€,

  • Armchairs from 400€

  • The headboard from 1 200€.  ​

  • Other projects: by quotation only.


Keeping and maintaining  are the first gestures of an eco-responsible approach. Thus, the studio offers a furniture restoration service which is the very essence of upholstery. 

From complete restoration, to changing the fabric, to maintaining the wood or even contemporary upholstery, F. Desbouis restores your furniture with an expertise acquired over many years.

Your furniture gets a second life, its unicity and authenticity.


Make an appointment with the designer France Desbouis for more information and a personalized quote.

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